The Contest(s)

To celebrate Theo's Star's visit to our corner of the world (and to have a little fun in a year that has been anything but!) we're launching a DRAWING and a WRITING contest for the children of Montclair (and vicinity!) to win some amazing gifts from Montclair businesses for the whole family.

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With the generous support of these local partners

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MFF 2020 is over.

But you can now watch the film on Youtube and still submit before November 15th!


Every PARTICIPANTS will receive

  • A Theo's Star Magnet

  • 20% off The Adventures of Theo's Star's book 

  • 20% off at Le French Dad

  • Two hot coffees at JavaLove (for your parents!)

  • A free pass to a Theo's Stargazer Mindfulness Class from Meditate Montclair


Every MEDALISTS will receive

(bronze, silver and gold for each)

  • A Theo's Star Magnet

  • A signed The Adventures of Theo's Star's book

  • A box of macarons from Le French Dad

  • Two free drinks at Faubourg (for your parents!)

  • $25 gift card at Just Kidding Around


For the GOLD WINNER of the DRAWING Contest 

A Theo's Star Themed Workshop for your Family

at Hammer & Stains Upper Montclair


A Full Children French Course (Ages 5-10)

90 mns/week for 11 weeks - in person or online - ALL LEVELS

at FIAF Montclair

For the GOLD WINNER of the WRITING Contest

A Space Book Basket

curated by Watchung Booksellers


A Full Children French Course (Ages 5-10)

90 mns/week for 11 weeks - in person or online - ALL LEVELS

at FIAF Montclair

If you can't or prefer not to use Google Form, you can email us your submission at theostarfilm@gmail.com


The Drawing Contest

(All ages)

Draw YOUR star in YOUR favorite place on Earth.

Then, it can act as a "travel magnet" for you and your family when this whole Covid thing is behind us.

For example, real-life-Theo (yes, he lives in Montclair) knows his star is patiently waiting for him on this warm California beach!

It can be a drawing, a collage, a photo montage, a painting, a playdoh design, whatever you feel like!

Paint Brush

The Writing Contest

(8 to 12yo)

If you coud have one wish, what would it be?

And what could YOUR star do to help you make that dream come true? Tell us that story!


In the film, Theo's dream is to find a cat. From his seat in outer space, Theo's Star sees a cat lost in the forest. All he needs to do is bring Theo to that exact location.

Here's how he does it:

Artboard 1.png

STAR'S ACTION: He snaps something in a car engine.

➡️ CONSEQUENCE: It creates a traffic jam on the highway

➡️➡️ CONSEQUENCE: Theo has to take another road (one that leads to the forest!)

Artboard 2.png

STAR'S ACTION: He pokes Theo's belly in the car.

➡️ CONSEQUENCE: Theo needs to go pee.

➡️➡️ CONSEQUENCE: Theo pulls over at the edge of the forest (so close to the cat!!)

Artboard 3.png

STAR'S ACTION: He shushes the birds.
➡️ CONSEQUENCE: The forest gets quiet.

➡️➡️ CONSEQUENCE: Theo can now hear the cat meow and finds him hiding under a bush. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Pencil and notepad



Matthieu Silberstein

Writer / Filmmaker

Creator of Theo's Star

Montclair resident

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Marie Catherine Glaser

School Director / Teacher

FIAF Montclair
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Jess Brigman

Account Manager

Macmillan Childrens
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Someone else will join our jury soon.

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